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We're serious about data security as Silver Fern Therapy.  To help us maintain our high standards, we've started using online forms to collect data from our referrers and patients.  To date, we have the following forms set up for online completion:  

- Referral information including patient details

- Consent for treatment and data processing

- Consent for photography

- Consent for sharing patient records

- COVID-19 home visit risk assessment

- Telehealth consent form

If you're asked to complete one of these forms, you'll receive a link that looks like this one: https://mysilverferntherapy.co.uk/3ccef. This one happens to be to our privacy policy (if you're interested).  

The forms are integrated into our online patient management software system - Power Diary.  This means that once the form is completed, the data is automatically saved into the individual patient record, with no additional handling.  This takes away a job for us, but more importantly keeps that data as secure as possible.  The data entered into the forms is secured using 256bit SSL technology.  

If you'd like to know more about the security features that Power Diary uses, have a read of their website here:  https://www.powerdiary.com/uk/security




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