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To whom it may concern

Re: John Fitzpatrick Occupational Therapist, Managing Director, Silver Fern Therapy

John provided eight clinic days for us in 2013-14 whilst we were waiting for therapist vacancies to be filled.  His clinical experience and product knowledge meant he was able to start assessing immediately.  John assessed an average of six clients on each clinic day and provided comprehensive, written reports on each.  I would be happy to use John’s services again and would recommend him to other services.

John also provided some clinical and product training for our team for active wheelchair users.  He was able to describe and demonstrate how clinical presentation translates into a technical solution.  John demonstrated the various adjustments and prescribing options available on active user wheelchairs and how they affect the function, pressure relief, posture and propulsion for the client.

Tonia Welch

Service Manager

Wiltshire Wheelchair Service



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