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What level of service can I expect after I receive my wheelchair?


  • Equipment from the NHS is maintained and repaired at no cost to the user. If the user changes in any way where different equipment may be required, they can be re-assessed.


  • Every wheelchair will come with a manufacturer's warranty. The length of this warranty period will between manufacturers and even between different parts of one wheelchair.  Explanation of the warranty periods should form part of the buying process.  The manufacturer's warranty covers parts but does not cover the time taken by the retailer to replace the parts.   Ensure the sales agreement stipulates who is responsible for the cost of the time to fit parts covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • There are also service packages available from most retailers. These are agreements to replace, repair or fix problems with the wheelchair and can include accidental damage.  They are normally underwritten by an insurance company. 
  • Breakdown insurance cover is also available. This can also include public liability insurance, which provides cover for accidental damage to someone or something else.


How long should a wheelchair last?

  • This varies a lot and depends entirely on how the wheelchair is used and in what conditions. Expect to use the wheelchair for three to five years before it needs replacing, but it may last a lot longer if it is not often used or used well within its physical limits.


How long does it take to get a wheelchair?

  • Very basic wheelchairs will be available for immediate purchase from a retailer, or immediate issue from an NHS wheelchair service. More complex wheelchairs will take much longer and require several appointments before an order is made.  For complex equipment, it is essential to trial equipment prior to purchase to ensure it works as expected and meets the requirements of the user.  There can sometimes be a delay of several weeks waiting for demonstration equipment to be delivered from a manufacturer.
  • Once a wheelchair is ordered it can take up to 12 weeks for it to be delivered. This depends greatly on the manufacturer and the complexity of the equipment being ordered.  Some equipment can be delivered in a few days.



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